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Sandra Noeth and Frédéric Pouillaude

Two Lectures and a Dialogue

Part of "Violence of Inscriptions #3"

What does it mean to think of oneself as a part of a larger, of a collective body? What kind of violence, directed towards the outside as well as to the inside, do we encounter when preserving and perpetuating our communities?
In two short lectures and a dialogue philosopher Frédéric Pouillaude and dramaturge and researcher Sandra Noeth will investigate into the indissoluble and disquieting movements of collective inscriptions. Looking into the history and practice of choreography, different ideas of an atomistic, individual body have been influential that imagined the body as a bound entity. At the same time, they reveal the very unavoidability of dis-/identification with some sensation or conception of a ‘collective body.’ In this process of writing and un-writing collectivity, the body remains a primary place where the consequences and ultimately the violence of our choreographic and political inscriptions take shape.