Picture: Marcus Lieberenz
Melodrama by Eszter Salomon
Picture: Marcus Lieberenz
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Eszter Salamon


The Hungarian dancer and choreographer tells the life story of Eszter Salamon, set to music by Terre Thaemlitz. In order to do so, she traveled to a village in southern Hungary to interview her 62-year-old namesake. She uses the video material shot there as the starting point to re-enact a biography marked by Hungary’s opposing political systems and the desire for individual independence.
Past dates
November 2012
Concept, Interviews & Performance:
Eszter Salamon
Krimerné Dr. Eszter Salamon
Text Editing:
Lindy Annis & Eszter Salamon
Lindy Annis
Terre Thaemlitz
Sabine Ercklentz & Eszter Salamon
Music Editing/ Sound Mix:
Sabine Ercklentz
Angela Anderson
Technical Management:
Andreas Harder
Organisation & Production:
Alexandra Wellensiek/Botschaft
Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, co-produced by Berlin Documentary Forum 2 (Berlin), far-festival des arts vivants (Nyon), Next Festival (Valenciennes). Supported by Le Kwatt and ONDA.