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The Return of European Fascism #5

Resisting Fascism

With Liz Fekete, Volkan Çıdam, Miquel Ramos, Enna Gerin, Grigoris Panoutsopoulos, Gaël Brustier, Mima Simić, Ulli Jentsch / Moderation: Margarita Tsomou

Part of the festival The Aesthetics of Resistance – Peter Weiss 100

Illustration: Petja Dimitrova

The series discusses the growth of right-wing parties and movements. Taking off from “The Aesthetics of Resistance”, in the centre of which is the fight against historical fascism, international speakers analyse current developments in Europe. The programme researches historical continuities, the significance of the world economic crisis for the shift to the right, and the gaps in the NSU network.

The Return of European Fascism is a series consisting of five events.
Curated by Bini Adamczak.

#5: Eight speakers from Spain, England, Croatia, Greece, Sweden, and Turkey analyse the return of European fascism and discuss in two successive panels the possibilities of anti-fascist resistance. What are the commonalities, what are the differences? What mistakes have been made, what strategies have stood the test?

Panel 1: Liz Fekete (Great Britain), Gaël Brustier (France), Miquel Ramos (Spain), Grigoris Panoutsopoulos (Greece)

Panel 2: Volkan Cidam (Turkey), Ulli Jentsch (Germany), Enna Gerin (Sweden), Mima Simić (Croatia)

Past dates
October 2016
approx. 90 minutes per Panel