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“Läuft bei uns”

Panel discussion concerning the value of cultural education with Benita Bandow, Mijke Harmsen, Prof. Dr. Dorothea Hilliger / Moderation: Stéphane Bauer

Part of "Arbeit Liebe Geld / 5 years of Houseclub"

Happy Birthday “Houseclub”! For ten years now HAU Hebbel am Ufer has been collaborating with the Hector Peterson School. In 2011 this collaboration resulted in the “Houseclub”, a very special format in cultural education. Here artists take up residency for several weeks at a time in HAU3 and work with students. In 2016 the Houseclub will be five years old. HAU is taking this anniversary as the occasion to put on a festival entitled “Arbeit Liebe Geld” with new works by Franziska Seeberg and Todosch Schlopsnies, a presentation by Kareth Schaffer, video installations and a panel discussion.
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March 2016