Picture: Veramarmelo Hires

Picture: Veramarmelo Hires
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Konono N°1

The hypnotic sound of the Congolese band Konono No° 1 with electrically amplified thumb piano (likembe) and wild rhythms is legendary. Now they are presenting their new album in Berlin for the first time.

„They have as much connection with Einstürzende Neubauten as with Tabu Ley ... the frenzy and locomotion of prime '70s Miles or a Krautrock jam" Village Voice
Past dates
May 2016
Likembe, Vocals
Augustin Makuntima Mawangu
Vocals, Bass-Likembe
Menga Waku
Vocals, Percussion
Pauline Mbuka Nsiala
Vincent Visi
Percussion, Tam Tam
Jacques Ndofusu Mbiyavanga