Picture: Clara
Kat Valastur: Stellar Fauna
Picture: Clara
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Kat Válastur

Stellar Fauna

Produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer

After a showcase and the premiere of “Rasp Your Soul” in 2017, HAU Hebbel am Ufer presents the new premiere by choreographer and performer Kat Válastur. Divided into two parts, a video installation and a performance, in “Stellar Fauna” – similarly to her last work  – two dancers gradually embody mutant and digital attributes in a poetic way. They repeat a mysterious mantra: “We are waiting for the flood to be free although that would be the end of us.” In a set suggesting an untamed ecosystem, the boundaries between their private and social behaviour are suspended. “Stellar Fauna” is the creation of an uncanny world made by our world. A discourse about bodies in the wilderness of our time.

Due to capacity limitations two performances will take place each day.
Trailer “Stellar Fauna"
Current Performances
Wed 21.11.2018, 19:00 / HAU3
Wed 21.11.2018, 20:00 / HAU3
Thu 22.11.2018, 19:00 / HAU3
Thu 22.11.2018, 20:00 / HAU3
Fri 23.11.2018, 19:00 / HAU3
Fri 23.11.2018, 20:00 / HAU3
Sat 24.11.2018, 19:00 / HAU3
Sat 24.11.2018, 20:00 / HAU3
English (language no problem)
approx. 45 min
Concept & choreography
Kat Válastur
Maria Zimpel, Harumi Terayama
Light design
Martin Beeretz
Sound design & music
Constantin Engelmann, Tobias Purfürst
Set design
Leon Eixenberger
Additional set design
Filippos Kavakas
Costume design
Kat Válastur
Costume assistance
Suzan Çamlik
Video installation
film directed by Kat Válastur
Camera & editing
Clara Jo
Production management
HAU Artist Office / Sabine Seifert
Touring & distribution
HAU Artist Office / Nicole Schuchardt
Premiere 21 November 2018
Production: Kat Válastur / HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Co-production: Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), Theater Freiburg, Fonds Transfabrik – deutsch-französischer Fonds für darstellende Künste. Funded by: Senate Department for Culture and Europe.