Picture: Dorothea Tuch
DrawnOnward by Jeremy Wade
Picture: Dorothea Tuch
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Jeremy Wade


Somewhere in the so called developed world, in a future not so far from now: The
global problems that kept us busy for centuries weren’t solved nor escalated dramatically.
Basically, everything is still the way it was at the beginning of the 21st century,
but much faster, harder, more intense, much much MORE. The human ego is not the master
in its own house anymore, but a nexus of flows: flows of data, commodities, and consciousness,
viruses, crises, euphoria. Everything is in everything and everything is fucking
close. The flows traverse the human being on every level: body, feelings, thoughts
and will. It is a material thing, an animal, a child, a machine and its operator at the same
time, but in a way it is not really, not fully human anymore.

DrawnOnward is a possibility engine, an everything you need kind of machine. Drawn-
Onward is a process of un and re becoming what we are.
DrawnOnward is NOW on crack, a stroboscopic disco in the excess of code. DrawnOnward
is two assholes in a room. And sexually explicit.
DrawnOnward is a corporate corporal coping mechanism for the things that did not
change in the future.
DrawnOnward is an operator and a test subject.
DrawnOnward expresses a shared passion for innovation, design, aesthetics, and utility
in an environment that inspires people to discover.
DrawnOnward is a limitless borderless, a happy convergence of ideas. DrawnOnward is
drawn onward, it is what it does.
DrawnOnward is a palindrome, no matter from which angle you approach it – it works!

“DrawnOnward” generates a multiverse of possible and inevitable futures and their
recreated, reenacted, (mis)remembered pasts. Working in collaboration with the choreographer
Juli Reinartz, musician Marc Lohr, writer John-Erik Jordan, costume designer
Grzegorz Matlag and dramaturge Maximilian Haas, Jeremy Wade embraces the
world-making technologies of queer science fiction to preprogram and reorient the conditional
network we call the universe at present.

The production “DrawnOnward” was prepared in the public reading group “Moi Machine
at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, spring 2015. Organized and moderated by Jeremy Wade
and Kerstin Stakemeier the group was discussing theoretical positions on a queer notion
of Science Fiction, such as Donna Haraway, Karen Barad, Deleuze/Guattari, Gilbert
Simondon, Alex Galloway, N. Katherine Hayles among others.

Past dates
October 2015
For adults only (18+)
Directed by
Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade and Marc Lohr
Artistic collaboration
Juli Reinartz
John-Erik Jordan, Juli Reinartz, Jeremy Wade, Maximilian Haas
Marc Lohr
Costume and Prop Design
Grzegorz Matlag
Graphic and Prop Design
Stefan Fähler
Andreas Harder
Maximilian Haas + John-Erik Jordan
Tiana Hemlock
Production and Press
björn & björn
Produktion: Jeremy Wade. Coproduction: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Supported by the Capital Cultural Fund Berlin.