Picture: Rahel Kesselring
a lecture performance on future democracy
by Nathan Fain & Maria Rößler
Picture: Rahel Kesselring
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Nathan Fain / Maria Rößler

Right Is the Might of the Community:

a lecture performance on future democracy

Part of "Marx' Gespenster"

Inflation, growth, competition. The concept  of central banking gained its prevalence in the 19th century. In 1948, Karl Marx declared it a key measure of the Communist Revolution. Since the publication of “The Manifesto of the Communist Party”, nation states have integrated Marxist ideas (including  the central bank) into their capitalist systems in order to establish and maintain modern democracy. However, recently, nation states appear impotent in the face of the profound challenges of a globalised society while at the same time too much political influence  seems to emanate from undemocratic financial institutions.

This  lecture is about the potentials of new technologies when it comes to updating democracy on a global level, the virtues of algorithms mastering psychological bias and social inequality, the subversive potential of cryptocurrencies towards the monopoly of the  central bank. The audience receives a share of the brave new world of such a technology and gets to choose on which side of this future democratic community to stand.
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Past dates
November 2015
Nathan Fain
Concept and text
Nathan Fain,
Maria Rößler
Maximilian Tausend
Belle Santos
Stage Assistance
Tereza-Tetiana Yakovyna
Benjamin Behnisch
Thanks to
Fabian Löwenbrück, Ronni Shendar
Production: Nathan Fain und Maria Rößler. With kind support by Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte. Commissioned by HAU Hebbel am Ufer.