Picture: Legítimo/Rezo von Jone San Martin
Legítimo/Rezo by Jone San Martín
Picture: Legítimo/Rezo von Jone San Martin
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Jone San Martín


Part of "OUT OF NOW / DANCE ON Festival" 

“W. Forsythe gives me the outlines of how the solo could possibly work, the content is my choice.” Jone San Martín

Legítimo/Rezo is in two parts – conceived through a concept by Jone San Martín, Josh Johnson and William Forsythe. It begins with a “danced” conference on choreographic notation and culminates in a tour de force solo that expertly demonstrates the profound relationship between notation and choreography.
Jone San Martín, who has worked with William Forsythe since 1992, immerses us in the creative process behind Forsythe’s choreography. Her body becomes a mediator between choreographic writing and interpretation, between guidelines and free improvisation. In defining the way William Forsythe works, she turns to Lawrence Durrell: “Truth disappears with the telling of it. It can only be conveyed, not stated.” (Clea, The Alexandria Quartet).
Past dates
March 2018
English and German
60 to 75 Min.
Jone San Martín, Josh Johnson
William Forsythe
Interpreted by
Jone San Martín
External agent / Music / Stage
Josh Johnson
A production by Mercatde les Flors (Barcelona 2013) in cooperation with The Forsythe Company.

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