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Part of "CTM 2015 – Un Tune"

Indonesian duo Senyawa return to Berlin after a celebrated appearance this past August since described as “a force-of-nature” (Resident Advisor). Vocal extended-technician Rully Sharbara and instrument maker and player Wukir Suryadi (inventor of the “bamboo spear”, a thick bamboo stem circled with strips of thin wood and steel strings) create a sound that pairs traditional Javanese music with noise rock, improv experimentalism, and black metal. Sharbara’s multiple-octave range and repertoire of shrieks and growls act at once as intimidation tactics and ecstasy release, and result in a surface as rough as the band’s referential contour is deep. Senyawa appear at CTM 2015 ahead of an upcoming release on Rabih Beaini’s Morphine label.

Joining Senyawa is Teheran-based Sote, whose high-tempo geometrics were put on the map with the 2002 Electric Deaf release on Warp. Sote came out of the woodwork again this September with his Architectonic LP (Morphine Records). The result of a deliberate, premeditated vision and adept craftsmanship, Sote’s music plays like “a hyperkinetic rush of trance-inducing tones and completely unstable, chaotic rhythms woven with supreme guile, intricacy and attention to detailed frequencies that flood the senses.” (Boomkat).
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