Picture: Ronen Guter

Picture: Ronen Guter
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B’Tselem is the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. Since 2007, the organization has been operating its Camera Project, which distributes video cameras to Palestinians in high conflict areas in the West Bank. The project aims to provide an on-going documentation of human rights violations, and to expose the reality of life under occupation to both the Israeli and the international public.

Throughout the work process, Zaides reviewed and selected footage that was filmed by volunteers of B’Tselem’s Camera Project. On stage, he examines the bodies of Israelis as they were captured on camera, and focuses on the physical reactions to which his own collective body resorts in various confrontational situations. The Palestinians remain behind the camera. Nevertheless, their movements, voices, and points of view are highly present, determining the viewer’s perspective. Zaides extracts and appropriates gestures and voices of the Israelis who are displayed in the footage and engages and gradually embodies them. The mimetic choreographic practice raises questions of participation and responsibility as Zaides’ body transforms into a living archive.
Archive materials
volunteers for the "Camera Project" of B'Tselem - The Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories Iman Sufan, Mu'az Sufan, Bilal Tamimi, Udai 'Aqel, Awani D'ana, Bassam J'abri, Abu 'Ayesha, Qassem Saleh, Mustafa Elkam, Raed Abu Ermeileh, Abu Sa'ifan, Oren Yakobovich, Nayel Najar
Concept and choreography
Arkadi Zaides
Video consultant
Effi Weiss, Amir Borenstein
Sound art & voice dramaturgy
Tom Tlalim
Artistic advice
Katerina Bakatsaki
Assistant choreography
Ofir Yudilevitch
Adam Kalderon
Thalie Lurault
Remote control interface
Pierre-Olivier Boulant
Technical direction
Etienne Exbrayat
Sound technician
Cyril Communal
Yael Bechor
Production manager
Simge Gücük
Special thanks to
Myriam Van Imschoot
Production: Arkadi Zaides. Co-production: Festival D’Avignon (FR), CDC Toulouse (FR), Theatre National De Chaillot (FR), CNDC Angers. Residencies at STUK Leuven (BE), CDC Toulouse (FR), CNDC Angers (FR), Theatre National De Chaillot (FR), WP Zimmer (BE). International distribution: Key Performance