Picture: Astrid Kaminski
Letters Of ... by Franz Anton Cramer & Astrid Kaminski
Picture: Astrid Kaminski
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Franz Anton Cramer & Astrid Kaminski

Letters Of ...

Part I

What keeps the Berlin dance scene together at its core? Choreographers and experts write letters to one another. The actors Toni Jessen, Lara-Sophie Milagro und Teresa Zschernig give them a voice.

Correspondence between artists and those close to them has always been a source for unlocking the connections between work and era. Letters provide insights into networks, lines of inspiration, conflicts, impulses and debates, from which working conditions are configured. Often enough, however, we only get these insights posthumously. Can this be changed? Is correspondence, whether by letter or e-mail, a way to dive into the dynamics of the Berlin dance scene, which has developed rapidly over the last 30 years? Dance scholar Franz Anton Cramer and the journalist Astrid Kaminski are trying it out, and have invited artists and experts to write letters to one another.
With contributions by:
Ariel Ashbel 
Claudia Bosse                               
Dani Brown            
Martin Clausen
Riki von Falken
Libby Farr
Jule Flierl          
Barbara Friedrich    
Monika Gintersdorfer                                 
Jared Gradinger 
Dieter Heitkamp                     
Susanne Kennedy
Hyoung-Min Kim  
Kosmas Kosmopoulos  
Ligia Lewis
Constanza Macras   
Stephanie Maher     
Sergiu Matis                                  
Kadir „Amigo“ Memiş   
Katrin Bettina Müller                               
Sandra Noeth                        
Johannes Odenthal               
Johannes Öhman    
Mila Pavićević                                                        
Peter Pleyer                           
Joy Alpuerto Ritter 
Liz Rosenfeld
Maria Scaroni  
Kareth Schaffer                    
Chris Scherer
Angela Schubot
Claire Vivianne Sobottke       
Robert Ssempijja     
Nir de Volff         
Frank Willens
Christoph Winkler  
Past dates
February 2019
German and English
approx. 180 min. (including break)
“Letters Of ...“ takes place as part of the accompanying event series of tanzschreiber-Plattform of Tanzbüro Berlin.
Admission free. Registration via e-mail until 18.2. 10am at post@tanzbuero-berlin.de.