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She She Pop

Sich fremd werden

Drei Beiträge zu einer Poetik der Performance
Saarbrücker Poetikdozentur für Dramatik / Edited by Johannes Birgfeld. With a contribution by Aenne Quiñones

Part of “Shame, Shame, Shame! 25 Years of She She Pop

25 Years of She She Pop!
The works for theatre by the collective She She Pop, which arise outside of hierarchical structures and deliberately incorporate the audience as a co-player, are among the most original in contemporary theatre.

On the occasion of their anniversary, She She Pop  examine questions that have been with their works from the beginning, “brilliantly and lyrically, movingly and full of allusion” (NZZ), questions such as: How does the relationship between audience and performers work? How can one work artistically in a collective? What does the particular mean in autobiographical material?

This first publication by and about She She Pop documents the lectures given as part of the 7th Saarbrücken Lectureship for Poetics and Drama and contains selected textual documents and illustrations.
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September 2018