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Ivo Dimchev


a concert with unpretentious choreography

Im bored of singing behind a microphone,
though I like it, I love the restriction of it ...
I like the oppression of it, but it's time to revisit the Madonna format.
She failed in it ... I saw it at Madison Square Garden ... she overloaded it.
We'll do less, more quiet, more kind to the eyes ... more loving.

Ivo Dimchev

Choreographer, artist, vocalist, songwriter, performer, provocateur... This time Ivo Dimchev offers a completely new format. “Sculptures” is the title of Dimchev’s newest album, and its songs are the backbone of this unique evening, standing on the border between a pop concert and a contemporary dance performance. The artist considers his songs to be three-dimensional structures that he can expand with choreography, recognizing them as ‘sculptures’. His voice brings the dark poetry of his texts to the fore and promises a moving experience for the audience.

“Sculptures / Excerpt
Past dates
January 2019
approx. 70 min
Text and music
Ivo Dimchev
Music production
Georgy Linev, Ivo Dimchev and others
Ivo Dimchev
Ivo Dimchev, Helena Araujo, Jordan des Champs, Jaskaran Singh Anand, Pauline Stöhr
German Premiere 19 January 2019
Co-production: Humarts Foundation (Sofia), ImPulsTanz (Vienna).