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Panel "Visible Music"

With Sandra Naumann, Claudia Robles-Angel, Paula Schopf, Laurie Schwartz, Steffi Weismann / Moderation: Cornelia Lund

Part of “Heroines of Sound Festival“

Afterwards from 20:00 / HAU2
Ensemble KNM Berlin: Concert with compositions by Juliana Hodkinson, Jessie Marino, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Katharina Rosenberger /
Neo Hülcker & Antonia Baehr: “Tote Tiere #3a” (Performance) / Premiere /
Marta Zapparoli: “Sonata Per Eterna” (Concert)

Sandra Naumann (key note), Claudia Robles-Angel, Steffi Weismann, Paula Schopf, Laurie Schwartz
Hosted by: Cornelia Lund
Language: Deutsch/ Englisch

Under the heading of Visible Music, this panel is dedicated to different forms of the visualization of sound and music. These include the musical short films by Mary Ellen Bute as well as the performances or combinations of music, performance and visuals or light projections.

In the concert by Ensemble KNM Berlin, compositions by Katharina Rosenberger and the young US-American composer Jessie Marino will receive their German premiere. Just like Rosenberger’s and Marinos’s pieces, the compositions by Juliana Hodkinson and Ana Maria Rodriguez also expand the classical set-up of the concert by video, light and performance elements into the theatrical and cinematic. Next is the premiere of Wilde & Hülcker’s MftT #3A for voice, movement and video input. Commissioned by Heroines of Sound, this work is dedicated to the dog Archi. The evening concludes with Marta Zapparoli’s solo performance Sonata Per Eterna, which, in addition to electronics, uses mainly tape recorders and tape machines.
Past dates
December 2018
German and English
Production. Heroines of Sound Festival. Coproduction: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Musikfonds e.V., Musicboard GmbH Berlin,  Initiative für Neue Musik e.V., Mariann Steegmann Foundation.