Picture: courtesy of Centro de Residências Artísticas
C& América Latina Launch by Contemporary And (C&) / Jota Mombaça
Picture: courtesy of Centro de Residências Artísticas
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Contemporary And (C&) / Jota Mombaça

C& América Latina Launch

Since 2015 the art magazine Contemporary And (C&) reflects and connects issues and information on international art from African perspectives. At HAU, C& will launch its new magazine C& América Latina which focuses on the ties between Africa, Afro-Latin America and the Caribbean.

18:00 / HAU2 / 120 min
Jota Mombaça: We agreed not to die (durational performance, admission at all times)

We Agreed Not To Die is a performance series inspired by the namesake work of Conceição Evaristo (A gente combinamos de não morrer. Olhos D’água, 2014), a brazilian fiction writer whose work addresses, through afro-diasporic lens, questions of violence, resilience and necropolitics, among many others. The performance consists in a task-oriented durational act, in which Jota Mombaça manufactures handcraft knives with precarious materials such as wood, shoelace and broken glass. A set of texts, names and songs follow the entire process, as a form of bringing into the space a multitude of voices that, through his own voice, reclaims their bodies, their memories and their modes of surviving in spite of captivity and death.

20:00/ HAU2 / ca. 90 min
Talk with Julia Grosse, Yvette Mutumba and Jota Mombaça
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May 2018
An event by Contemporary And América Latina and HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Supported by: ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) and Goethe-Institut.