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Melanie Bonajo

Night Soil – Nocturnal Gardening & Manimal

Part of the Festival "The Mole Keeps on Digging. Animals / Politics / Performance"

Visual artist Melanie Bonajo’s work is shaped by her critical stance towards capitalism and her ambivalence regarding the blind celebration of progress. “Night Soil – Nocturnal Gardening” draws portraits of four women who have created communities in which they enter into intimate and sustainable relationships with their environments. They do not simply articulate a pessimist critique of civilization, but seek to establish new agreements between humans, animals, and nature. To achieve this goal, they take cues from social movements and structures of self-organization. It is for this reason that “Manimal” also bespeaks the desire for an intimate relationship with the environment.
Past dates
September 2017, October 2017
Supported by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Courtesy of AKINCI & the artist.