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Natasha A. Kelly

M(a)y Sister #3 “blues in schwarz weiss”

Mit Natasha A. Kelly, Corina Kwami, Jumọke Adeyanju, Willy Sahel

Natasha A. Kelly continues her series “M(a)y Sister” in honour of the Black German activist May Ayim at HAU in 2018. In her poem “blues in black and white” she criticizes German colonialism and engages in a postcolonial discourse. The first evening will be devoted to the history of the Blues and its importance to Black communities worldwide. The second evening will continue in the tact of the Blues, as the audience is invited to take part in a virtual city tour somewhere “between avenui and kreuzberg.”
Corina S. Kwami is a performer of genres related to jazz music and dance. As a singer and tap dancer, she is motivated by the story-telling power of jazz and its potential for connecting people across genres using jazz as a medium. She has performed as a solo artist and with different bands covering big band swing, afro, soul and funk. Through her performance and passion for cities and planning more broadly as an academic, she has connected with people through jazz in several cities across the globe in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Rwanda, United Kingdom, United States, Colombia and Myanmar.

Jumoke Adeyanju is a freestyle dancer, major in hip hop and house. She started off with krumping at age 14 then breakdance and was active with her crew Deetroit RockstarZ in the underground dance battle scene (fka Lizzy Dee) for many years. She is now experimenting with different types of movements, merging them into what has shaped her all these years. Jumoke is also a curator (The Poetry Meets Series), moderator, vinyl DJ, polylingual poet and co-director of Ujamaa Culture Center in Berlin.

Willy Sahel was born in N'djamena, the Sahel zone of Chad, from a gospel singer mother and an amateur of acoustic classical guitar father. He presents a special music with his roots from Moissala (in the south of Chad), mixes the rhythms “Klaag” &  “Saye” with soul, jazz & gospel, sings in "Mbaye" his mother tongue and 8 other languages. His brand new album "Mamospa" is internationally and live recorded between Berlin (Germany) and Salvador de Bahia (Brazil).
Past dates
May 2018
A project by Natasha A. Kelly in collaboration with HAU Hebbel am Ufer.