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Ein Bestattungsgespräch zu Kunst und Tod

Part of the project “Unacknowledged Loss"

“Finale Form“ is the name of the new publication by DeathLab, sounding out the special relationship between death and art.
In the seven-part series of conversations, which took place between September and December 2016, different visual artists talked to people who deal professionally with death every day. In each case, the starting point of these encounters was an urn developed by the artists, which is used to shed light on the various facets of the culture of dying and burial. How can new forms of expression and etiquette be developed in the face of death, cremation and mourning?

On the occasion of the book presentation the initiators of the DeathLab, Lydia Hamann, Mirko Winkel and Karen Winzer, along with the undertaker Gabi Kohn, will conduct a counseling interview in preparation for a standard funeral. Jens Friebe will accompany the evening with music.

More information: www.deathlab.de
Past dates
May 2017
By and with
Lydia Hamann, Mirko Winkel, Karen Winzer and Gabi Kohn
Jens Friebe