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With Initiatives from Berlin Against Racism
Music from Chris Imler and Pisse / Moderation: Marcus Staiger

How can we, in 2017, address the racism engrained in our society? And how is it related to the continuous failure of the government to resolve the NSU murders? "ACT TOGETHER NOW!" is a cooperation of the NSU-AG initiated by the "Interventionistische Linke," the "Initiative für die Aufklärung des Mordes an Burak Bektaş," the "Lager Mobilisation Netzwerk Berlin," and the People's Tribunal "Unraveling the NSU Complex." In brief contributions, the participating initiatives will address the role that the government and the secret service played in the clearance of the NSU murders, an aspect that has not yet been sufficiently addressed in the four years of the Munich trial. They insist on the clearance of the murder of Burak Bektaş, who lived in Neukölln, and fight for better living conditions of refugees and a reformation of asylum policies. Together, they call for the complete clarification of the NSU murder series and speak out against racism within society, an agenda also pursued by the People's Tribunal that will take place in Cologne from May 17 - 21, 2017. Contributions to the discussion will be framed by a concert: Pisse was founded in Hoyerswerda in 2012. The band's debut album with its bulky post-punk sound created a real underground hype. Chris Imler produces a nervous, almost disturbing mix of Alan Vega, DAF, Silver Apples, Hasil Adkins, and Joe Meek. The concerts are followed by Khan of Finland who presents a DJ set at WAU. With their performances, HAU and all participating artists support the informative website NSU-Watch.     
Past dates
May 2017
Duration: approx. 3:00