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The Female Composers of the GRM

Beatriz Ferreyra / Reinhold Friedl / Christine Groult / Clara Maïda / Bettina Wackernagel / Sabine Sanio

Part of the Festival Heroines of Sound

Keynote: Reinhold Friedl (musician, Berlin/Vienna)
Participants: Beatriz Ferreyra (composer, Berlin), Reinhold Friedl, Christine Groult (composer, Paris), Clara Maïda (composer, Paris/Berlin), Bettina Wackernagel (Heroines of Sound, Berlin)

The second panel in the “Heroines of Sound” festival is dedicated to the female pioneers involved in the French “Groupe de Recherches Musicales” (GRM). Although there were always many female composers in this group, founded by Pierre Schaeffer in 1958, they were never really able to gain recognition within the group. And by no means were they singular occurrences. Female composers in early electronic music were numerous and successful. They founded and directed studios for electronic music, influencing the sound of their own and later generations of musicians. The panel participants will discuss both the situation in the second half of the 20th century as well as today.

Past dates
December 2016
German / English
approx. 90 minutes