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Monique Rollin / Beatriz Ferreyra / Christine Groult / Dorit Chrysler / Ensemble KNM Berlin / Clara Maïda / Loïse Bulot / Elisabeth Schimana

A Tribute to the Female Composers of the “Groupe de Recherches Musicales“ (GRM)

Part of the Festival Heroines of Sound

The concert begins with a homage to the female composers of the “Groupes de Recherches Musicales” (GRM). Three very different electronic multichannel compositions will be heard, by Monique Rollin (1927-2002), Christine Groult and Beatriz Ferreyra from 1952, 1990 and 2011. Following this the stage will be turned over to the Theremin virtuoso Dorit Chrysler.
The second part of the concert series opens with the Ensemble KNM Berlin playing music by the two French composers Clara Maïda and Loïse Bulot. The world premiere on this evening of “InSomnis” will also be the first performance in Germany of one of Bulot’s graphic scores. The programme will finish with the German premiere of Elisabeth Schimana’s 6-channel electronic performance “In die Sonne”.
Christine Groult and Beatriz Ferreyra
Beatriz Ferreyra “Un Fil Invisible"
Dority Chrysler “Avalanche"
Loïse Bulot “Hesperia“
Clara Maïda “Kinêm(a)bstract"
4:3 / Elisabeth Schimana
Past dates
December 2016
approx. 180 minutes