Picture: Olivier Blin
M'apelle Mohamed Ali / Mein Name ist Muhammad Ali by Etienne Minoungou
Picture: Olivier Blin
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Etienne Minoungou

M'apelle Mohamed Ali / My Name Is Muhammad Ali

Part of the Festival "Sleepless Nights: Burkina Faso between Culture and Revolution"

Cassius Clay learns how to box as a young boy. It becomes his passion: Kinshasa 1974, the fight of the century. Clay, who is now called Muhammad Ali, is fighting George Foreman for the World Championship. Contrary to all predictions, he wins the title. Etienne Minoungou reflects on a contemporary Africa that includes challenges, resistance, self-confidence, collectivity, fighting spirit, and getting beyond one’s limits.
Trailer for “My Name is Muhammad Ali"
Past dates
November 2016
French with German and English surtitles
90 minutes
Etienne Minoungou
Director & set design
Jean-Baptiste Hamado Tiemtoré
Artistic advice
François Ebouele
Light design
Rémy Brans, Herman Coulibaly
Julien Trudaïu
German premiere 18 November 2016
Production: Compagnie Falinga. Supported by: Théâtre le Public, La Charge du Rhinocéros von Dieudonné Niangouna.