Come Together by Martin Clausen
Come Together by Martin Clausen
Come Together von Martin Clausen
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Martin Clausen und Kollegen

Come Together

Part of “Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2017"

Photo: Dorothea Tuch
Why is being different not experienced as enriching, instead giving rise to social resistance? Following “Don’t hope” and “Gespräch haben / Ohne Worte,” Martin Clausen und Kollegen tackle patterns of language and behaviour in their inimitable way in their third work at HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Using the often absurd conversations from everyday life, they play with the reactions that arise when people come together. Embedded in music and choreography, the performers Martin Clausen, Rahel Savoldelli and Peter Trabner and the musicians Mario Schulte, Doc Schoko and Harald Wissler let worlds collide. From efficient, unempathetic, nouveau-riche to unteachable – the dialogues form a fertile breeding ground from which analyses of modern civilization sprout.   
Past dates
February 2016, June 2017
approx. 75 minutes
Martin Clausen, Rahel Savoldelli, Peter Trabner
Mario Schulte, Doc Schoko, Harald Wissler
Ivan Bazak – Karpatentheater
Benjamin Schälike
Lisa Kentner & Malena Modéer
Concept & Direction
Martin Clausen
Javier Aléman, Philip Ellermann, Werner Waas, Mirko Winkel, Tereza-Tetiana Yakovyna
Production & PR
björn & björn
Premiere Feb 26 2016
Production: Martin Clausen und Kollegen. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Supported by the Capital Cuture Fund Berlin.