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Midori Takada

Midoria Takada is a percussionist whose career has, for the past 40 years, spanned solo and group projects as well as numerous works developed specifically for the theatre. Her interest in African and Asian percussion traditions has led to a series of LPs including the master piece “Through the Looking Glass” (RCA, 1983) and her collaborative work with Masahiko Satoh “Lunar cruise” (Epic-Sony, 1991), both of which were newly published by WRWTFWW/Palto Flats in 2017. Over the past two decades, Takada spent more time in theatres than in concert halls and has composed and performed music for numerous theatre productions. Her astounding compositions inspire the imagination: they often begin with simple, transcendental melodies, which slowly evolve into loops and finally burst. Rhythms are so estranged, broken up or condensed, that they lead the listener into completely different realities.
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Midori Takada