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Anna Stiede

Anna Stiede was part of Blockupy, a European-wide network of various movements, unions, parties, and refugee initiatives to resist austerity and the authority of the European regime of crisis. The network sought to create political agency through solidarity, radical democracy, and public ownership of common property – not only formulating demands but also clearly naming the dominant agents in this crisis. The alliance in Germany was formed by activists from a variety of groups, including the Interventionist Left, Attac, Occupy, trade unions, youth and student groups, the Erwerbslosen-Forum Deutschland, the political party DIE LINKE, the Network of the German Peace Movement and the alliance …ums Ganze. After protesting the opening of the new European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main in 2015, the alliance decided to take their protests to the German capital. Last autumn a series of action days took place with a clear anti-racist profile against current refugee policy and right-wing populism, as well as against the EU-Turkey refugee deal co-signed by the German government.