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Amanda Piña

Amanda Piña is a choreographer, dancer, and cultural worker who was born in Chile during the military dictatorship and currently lives in Vienna. In her works, she integrates non-Western cultural references and perspectives, and discusses structural mechanisms of exclusion. She received a danceWEB stipend in 2006 and a scholarship for aspiring choreographs from Tanzquartier Vienna in 2007. She currently studies at the postgraduate program Curating in the Performing Arts at the University of Salzburg. In 2005, Piña founded nadaproductions with the visual artist, filmmaker, dramaturge, and director Daniel Zimmermann. In 2009, they initiated the Federal Ministry for Movement Affairs (BMfB), an institution that uses bodily perception and movement for the enhancement of consciousness. In the same year, they opened the performance space nadaLokal. Their piece “WAR – Ein Kriegstanz” (2013) earned Piña and Zimmermann international recognition. Their newest work “Dance and Resistance” brings them to HAU Hebbel am Ufer for the first time.
www.nadaproductions.at, www.nadalokal.at, www.bmfb.at

The choreographer Amanda Piña and the visual artist Daniel Zimmermann work together since 2005 in Vienna under the label nadaproductions. They gained international recognition with their piece “WAR (Ein Kriegstanz)” (2013). Since 2015 they have been working on their long-term project “Endangered Human Movements” and have realised three productions in this series: “Four remarks on the history of dance” (2014), “Dance & Resistance” (2016) and “The Forest of Mirrors” (2017). In 2009 they founded the “Federal Ministry of Movement Affairs,” a structure at the interface of para-institution and performance, using the potential of the perception and movement of the body to enhance consciousness. In the same year they opened the experimental art space nadaLokal in Vienna.