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Mutter is a Berlin rock band that has existed since 1986. They have released 11 albums over their career. In 2005 the band was the subject of a documentary film “Wir waren niemals hier”, presented during the Berlinale. Its current members are:  Max Müller (voice, since 1986), Florian Koerner von Gustorf (drums, since 1986), Michael Fröhlich (bass, since 2007), Olaf Boqwist (guitar, since 2013), Juliane Miess (keyboards, since 2014). Former members include: Tom Scheutzlich, HF Coltello, Martin Höferman, Achim Treu, Kerl Fieser, Frank Behnke. In 2014 the new album “Text und Musik” is being released, and the concert at HAU Hebbel am Ufer marks the beginning of the tour.