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LaToya Manly-Spain

LaToya Manly-Spain is an advocate for social justice in the Black Feminist Movement and anti-racism and anti-colonialism movements. Black Power and African diaspora movements form the background here. Manly-Spain is a founding member of ARRiVATi, a collective of people-of-color artists and activists that uses the means of art and resistance to develop strategies of ‚decolonisation‘ in a fight against inequality. In addition, Manly-Spain is part of the performance group Schwabinggrad Ballett. She works with this group as a vocal and spoken-word artist, recently recording the album “Beyond Welcome”. She is also active with Lampedusa Hamburg, a group of refugees fighting for permanent residency since 2013. Her current political projects include a campaign against deportation, and lobbying in matters of asylum and migration. Finally, she works as a research associate in the Left Fraction in the Hamburg Parliament.