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Rosie Harte

Rosanna Harte was born in 1982. Originally from Lancashire in the UK, but has been living in Yorkshire for the past fourteen years.
She completed a BA (Hons) Degree at UCLA in Theatre Practice and Contemporary Dance.
Her work experience in the performance industry has been quite varied. She began as a professional singer whilst she was still at college in 2003, this was a very successful cabaret show that led her to perform at events such as the Commonwealth Games Opening ceremony and the Galpharm Rugby stadium for the opening act.
Towards the end of her degree in 2005 she started focusing on fitness and strength training to increase her dance skills and ability, which led her to transition into a career as a competitive athlete and fitness coach.
Performance work has continued as a main aspect of the work she‘s done since 2008 to the present combining a career in fitness in addition to being a Dance and Drama teacher for Stage Coach, State High Schools and Special Needs Pupils. In 2014 she did a tour around Germany as the lead singer with an Electro Swing group performing songs that she had written in conjunction with Flak Records as one of their Song Writing/Recording Artists.
Rosie has competed at over 18 Bodybuilding events, working her way up from amateur to professional level. Most recently she competed at the prestigious event The "Ms Olympia" in Las Vegas, winning the Rookie of the year award.

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