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Diego Agulló

Diego Agulló is a transdisciplinary artist who lives in Amsterdam and Berlin. He's never limited himself to just one field: He is a musician, a visual artist and a performer. He studied philosophy in Madrid where he focused on Heidegger’s and Deleuze’s ideas about the relationship between arts and philosophy. During his studies he started painting, making music and sculptures. In 2003 he founded En busca en el Pasto,a musical improvisation group. After deciding not to touch a book for another three years, he turned towards film in 2005 and moved to Berlin. In Germany he started working in the field of performing arts and met his partner Dmitry Paranyushkin. This Russian musician and performer explores the way people process information. Since 2010 both artists have been working together and study the state of transition, amongst else in their project "The Humping Pact". Agullo’s projects toured around Europe and were shown at the Berlinale in 2007 and at K2 Kampnagel for John Cage’s 99th birthday in 2011. In 2012 he presented "The Humping Pact" at the 58th Short Film Festival Oberhausen.