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Alejandro Ahmed / Cena 11

Alejandro Ahmed was born in Uruguay in 1971 and grew up in Brazil starting in 1974. He is an autodidact and has worked since 1984 as a dancer. In the 1990s he participated in master classes with Sasha Waltz and others. His artistic work is marked by an interest in the boundaries of the body and the possibilities of transforming it. Alejandro Ahmed joined the company Cena 11 in 1988, and since 1993 has been its director. Grupo Cena 11 are considered the punks of the Brazilian dance and performance scene. With high energy, physical works like “Monotonia de Aproximação e Fuga para sete Corpos” (2014), “Sobre Expectativas e Promessas” (2013) and “Carta de Amor ao Inimigo” (2012) they keep true to their legendary reputation, even 20 years after being founded.