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Adham Hafez – Return to Sender

We asked all the artists in the festival "Return to Sender" to write an open letter. The addressee and contents were left open. We got six submissions, which are documented here.


Dear Artist,

We are very happy that you are coming to Cairo soon. The city is located in the northern part of Egypt, and the weather is moderate most of the year. Even with the latest violent climate changes, and with Cairo witnessing snow falling throughout random times of its winter, and unprecedented heat waves in the summer, the weather is still considered moderate in relation to the rest of the region. Egyptian politics, in relation to the rest of the region, are also still considered moderate. Upon arrival you shall receive a welcome package that explains to you details of the city's history, its current arts-culture-science scene, and information on practices of magical politics that the region has been investing in, Cairo being one of the leading cities in the world dealing with such practices.

In order for you to enter the Egyptian, Arab and African territories you will need to acquire an Entry Permit. This permit will allow you to be admitted entrance to the airport in Cairo. It does not guarantee entrance to Egypt itself. Once at the airport, the authorities shall review your case and your Appeal to Enter (that must be submitted by FT mail services). During their reviewal of your Appeal to Enter, be prepared to answer all questions honestly. A lie detector device is often used during such exams, as well as a urine analysis, blood analysis and DNA tests. Do not forget that by your desire to visit Egypt, you openly announce your alliance with the new Empire. You will be asked about your beliefs in Popular and Practiced Monarchic Democracy. You will have to sign a legal statement stating a list of countries you have visited in the Politically Unstable Area (PUA), formerly known as Europe and America.

We do hope that you did not visit any country supporting terrorism in the past few months. We do hope that you did not form alliances or serve within any military service that practiced racial discrimination.

In order for us to issue your entry permit, you will need to provide us with the following information:
  • Full detailed information on your financial transactions of the past six months, as we need to verify your sources of income, your alliances, your economic stability. We welcome financial refugees, but as you understand, this requires a separate procedure, which we are more than happy to explain to you, if needed.
  • Detailed results of analysis of your urine, blood and faeces. You may need to undergo MRI scanning of certain body parts.
  • List with full names of all family members whom you have been engaging with during the past six months.
  • Official proof that you have a legally binding reason to return to the fallen Empire; PUA.
  • If you served as one of the workers at the building of the Gates of Fortress Europa Project (FEP), you shall be asked to provide an account of your story, for the archives.
  • You must have fully paid for your international transport to and from Cairo. The fully paid costs may not be reimbursed if you are not granted permission to enter.
  • You must provide the authorities with four fully nude photographs of yourself.
  • Proof that you are not engaged in commercial sex work (prostitution) nor with any neo-Nazi organizations.

We take peace-keeping procedures very seriously since the war. Kindly respect our role in keeping the region's balance intact and the world a better, more humane place for us all, equal humans, to live together.

If you have practiced any Ethnic art forms belonging to the fallen empire's traditions, such as the generally-called Classical Ballet or Western Opera, kindly state this in your Appeal to Enter, in order for the authorities to direct you to the appropriate rehabilitation centres where you will study etymology of words such as 'Ethnic', 'Tradition', 'Popular', 'Contemporary', 'Hegemony' and 'Folk'. You will study their historical multiple meanings and their mobility within the political hierarchies, born and reborn throughout the troubling human history before the birth of the new world, this new world that we are celebrating.

While it is common to practice shooting of adolescents and of children in public space in many cities in the PUA, such practices are uncommon in schools, cinemas and supermarkets in Egypt. Kindly notice that bringing weapons to Egypt upon your arrival is a criminal act. You shall also be interviewed about any recent changes in your dietary habits, clothing, familial or relational activities by the authorities. Any sudden changes (mainly in diet and clothing) could refer to signs of early extremism, which is not tolerated in Egypt, nor in the African Empire or the Grand Orient.

We do hope that you prepare well for your trip, and plan a lot of time to acquire the necessary documents and to fulfil the procedures before arrival. We look forward to our cultural project, and we hope you find the Cultural Rehabilitation Centres suitable for your needs and questions.

With all my kind regards,
Cultural Advisor
Squad of Discourse Borders Authorities
Adham Hafez