Ouagadougou pressé / Ouagadougou in Eile by Roukiata Ouédraogo
Picture: Thabo Thindi

Picture: Daniel Margreth
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Roukiata Ouédraogo

Ouagadougou pressé / Ouagadougou in a Hurry

Part of the Festival "Sleepless Nights: Burkina Faso between Culture and Revolution"

The piece “Ouagadougou pressé” is a solo by the actress and writer Roukiata Ouédraogo. She tells of the ordinary life of a young woman in Burkina Faso. The protagonist now lives in Paris and is haunted by memories before taking a holiday back home. Using comic situations and irony, “Ouagadougou pressé” thematises the country’s social problems. Ouédraogo co-directs the piece with Stéphane Eliard and plays up to 15 roles.
French with German and English surtitles
60 minutes
By and with
Roukiata Ouédraogo
Stéphane Eliard
German Premiere 16 November 2016