Endgame by machina eX
Endgame by machina eX
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machina eX


In “Endgame” the Berlin based group machina eX takes to the battlefield of the digital civil war. The focus is on a hip start-up with a goal no less ambitious than to defend democracy. The enterprise – a forceful mixture of NGO, private investigation agency and hacking collective – battles against an increasingly self-confident neo-right-wing movement, which uses contemporary marketing strategies to amass a growing swarm of followers. 30 players are tasked with researching the backgrounds of potential members. Depending on the quality ofthe information collected, not only individual people can be indicated, but the entire movement can be debilitated. Players are supported by charismatic teamleaders, who are engaged in net-based anti-right-wing resistance for a wide variety of motives. The game shines a light on the internet’s dark battle zones, where the questions of who gets to interpret, who gets heard, and how it all should be done are constantly and intensely being grappled over.                                       
Current Performances
Wed 29.11.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
Thu 30.11.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
Sat 02.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
Sat 02.12.2017, 21:00 / HAU3
Sun 03.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
Sun 03.12.2017, 21:00 / HAU3
Mon 04.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
Mon 04.12.2017, 21:00 / HAU3
Wed 06.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
Wed 06.12.2017, 21:00 / HAU3
Thu 07.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
Thu 07.12.2017, 21:00 / HAU3
Sat 09.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
Sat 09.12.2017, 21:00 / HAU3
Sun 10.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
Sun 10.12.2017, 21:00 / HAU3
approx. 90 min.
Martin Ganteföhr
Rahel Jankowski, Yves Regenass, Martin Schnippa, Christiani Wetter
machina eX, Martin Ganteföhr
Artistic direction / director / set design
Anna Fries
Technical direction / interaction design / programming
Lasse Marburg, Philip Steimel
Harm Coordes
Sound design
Mathias Prinz
Clara Ehrenwerth
Light design & collaboration set design
Eva G. Alonso
Collaboration technical direction
Robin Hädicke
Collaboration interaction design
Benedikt Kaffai
Technical production management
Philip Steimel
Production management
Sina Kießling
Premiere Nov 29 2017
Production: machina eX. Coproduction: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Münchner Kammerspiele, FFT Düsseldorf, Gessnerallee Zürich, Staatstheater Darmstadt. Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culuture and Europa and Capital Culture Fund.