Protagonist by Jefta van Dinther / Cullbergbaletten
Protagonist by Jefta van Dinther / Cullbergbaletten
Protagonist by Jefta van Dinther / Cullbergbaletten
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Jefta van Dinther / Cullbergbaletten


The stage seems to expand through the light design and then to constrict again, sometimes swallowing up the bodies, which hardly ever stand still, only allowing the white appendages to light up. The 14 dancers of Cullbergbaletten from Stockholm have taken Jefta van Dinther’s vocabulary of movement and made it quite their own, speaking with hands, arms and legs, more under the sway of the ground in their verticality than of any aspiration for height. “Protagonist” is a contemplation on mankind, on community and individuality, on heroes and emperors. Songs of revolution and dances of evolution tell a tale of how people congregate, take on and are given roles. Struggling to belong, in search for a common meaning or belief, a community takes shape on stage. The choreography is a parable about care, kinship and alliance as well as isolation, control and estrangement. Lastly choreographer and dancer Jefta van Dinther has been at HAU with the world premiere of “Dark Field Analysis” as part of Tanz im August.
Current Performances
Thu 11.01.2018, 20:00 / HAU1
Fri 12.01.2018, 20:00 / HAU1
Sat 13.01.2018, 20:00 / HAU1
English (language no problem)
60 min.
Choreography & direction
Jefta van Dinther
Linda Adami (Gast), Darío Barreto Damas (Gast), Eleanor Campbell, Giacomo Citton, Suelem de Oliveira da Silva, Unn Faleide, Sylvie Gehin Karlsson, Georges Hann / Anand Bolder, Katie Jacobson, Camille Prieux, Núria Guiu Sagarra, Adam Schütt, Daniel Sjökvist, Vincent Van der Plas
Music & sound design
David Kiers
Light design
Minna Tiikkainen
Set design
Costume assistance
Marita Tjärnström
Jefta van Dinther
Assistance choreography
Thiago Granato
Rehearsal manager
Thomas Zamolo
Artistic advice
Cecilia Roos, Felix Bethge, Robert Steijn
Voice coach
Pia Olby
Production: Cullbergbaletten.