Picture: Alexej Tscherny, Wu Shi
Super Collider by Showcase Beat Le Mot
Picture: Alexej Tscherny, Wu Shi
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Showcase Beat Le Mot

Super Collider

Laser pointers write “Game Over” in the sky. The performers of Showcase Beat Le Mot do not want to waste any electricity on apocalyptic resignation but instead to expand the frame of discourse to include outer space. That’s why in their new performance they’re sending danced messages and mumbled formulas into the outskirts of the universe. “True, beautiful and good were sought, skewed, quirky and helpful were found.” The antennas for the extra-terrestrial messages are switched from receiving to sending. This is not documentary theatre about the powerlessness to act in a surging reality but an experiment that works like a utopian slingshot. The stage setting is the message, the audience the amplifier. Space acts instead of fake facts. Always alongside trouble. Welcome to the half-truth about everything.                                        
Current Performances
Sun 10.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU2
Mon 11.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU2
Tue 12.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU2
Wed 13.12.2017, 19:00 / HAU2
Premiere December 10 2017
Production: Showcase Beat Le Mot. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded by Senate Department for Culture and Europe and Fond Darstellende Künste.