Copy & Dance #4 Drama Edition
Picture: Nina Kroschinske
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Tina Pfurr and Anna Zett

Copy & Dance – #4 Drama Edition

A Dance-Karaoke-Performance

A video projection shows grand gestures and emotions, the audience is invited to participate in physical imitation, we dance. For two hours one is temporarily relieved from the individual ownership of bodily expression. Yet, as no one has rehearsed, this spontaneous community stays playfully asynchronous, the shared pathos stays non-binding.

approx. 90 minutes
Tina Pfurr and Anna Zett
Romy Kießling with Zarah Landes
Lightning Design
Max Wegner
Premiered as part of "Be Part of Something Bigger. Celebrating the art of collectives and 20 years of Gob Squad", curated by Gob Squad and Christina Runge, supported by Capital Culture Fund and Berliner Kulturverwaltung.