Picture: Steven Morlier
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Danya Hammoud

Mahalli / Choreography

Part of “Violence of Inscriptions"

In the solo performance Mahalli the body of the dancer becomes the territory on which various cultural inscriptions meet and are negotiated. Forms of structural violence as well as the experience of war that have left their traces. The Arab word Mahalli can be translated as “local” as well as “my place”. Thus this place, this body, negotiates a state between survival and resistance, and seeks to liberate itself.
Every movement impulse comes from the hips of the female figure that speaks to us on stage through her body: “Working since the creation of Mahalli on the condensation of movement, this solo became the centre of my questioning on choreography, attempting to reveal the construction of the tensions and the intentions in the body. Therefore, I started with my own body, because my territory begins with my own body.” (Danya Hammoud)
40 minutes