Non Standard is the Standard / Recent Arts
Picture: Stefan Freund
Non Standard is the Standard / Max Loderbauer
Picture: Axel Roessler
Non Standard is the Standard / Javiera González
Non Standard is the Standard / Aérea Negrot
Picture: Rebecca Steimer
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Non Standard is the Standard

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary and looking back over 35 years of Tobias Freund’s career in experimental electronics, Non Standard Productions has been instrumental in raising the work of its creator and his collaborators to the forefront of contemporary electronic music. The releases are collaborations between Tobias and colleges. As the name itself suggests the idea of the label is to be a platform in witch anything non standard can be released.
We can say that the label is orientated to eclectic experimentations, going from the frequency interpretations of MFP to the beat studies of NSI, passing through the freeform rhythms of Margaret Dygas, the uneven scales of Odd Machine, the haunting vocals of Javiera Gonzalez to the live audiovisual performance of Recent Arts. This duo formed by Tobias Freund and Valentina Berthelon has become a primary focus for NSP, is also amongst the label’s most personal statements and a fitting summation to a decade spent keeping nonconformism central to the label while retaining the humanity much contemporary electronic music often lacks. Non Standard Productions remains true to the mission stated in its name 10 years onwards, illuminating new and unconventional pathways in electronic music to point the way forwards.  

Afterwards party with DJ-set by Aérea Negrot at WAU.

You can find more information on the event here.
Non Standard Is The Standard - Mixed by Tobias Freund
Music by Javiera González
Music by Aérea Negrot
In cooperation with Non Standard Productions.