Picture: Michel Foucault und Jean-Paul Sartre demonstrieren vor den Renault-Werken wegen der Ermordung des Arbeiters Pierre Overney, 1972 Foto: Josee Lorenzo / INA via Getty Images
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Fearless Speech #6 / Reconsidering Foucault

Foucault in Bohemia and Anti-Racist Practice

With Mark Terkessidis and Pascal Jurt

Academia has blunted the critical edge of Foucault’s analyses. Mark Terkessidis will speak about the productive usage of Foucauldian terms such as the standpoint epistemology of the oppressed, non-qualified, even disqualified knowledges. Furthermore, knowledge of the people as well as the question of the relevance of “small” struggles in Bohemia and anti-racist practice today will make subjects of discussion.

Part of the HAU event series "Fearless Speech".
approx. 120 minutes
An event series by HAU Hebbel am Ufe.