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Ali Moini
Picture: Christian Lutz
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Picture: Erli Gruenzweil
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Ali Moini, Janez Janša, hoelb/hoeb

Violence of Inscriptions #2 / On Resilience

Care, Vulnerability, Empathy

Part of “Violence of Inscriptions"


Ali Moini: My Paradoxical Knives (performance / dance)

Hey Sky, don’t turn without Me.
Hey Moon don’t shine without Me.
Hey Earth, don’t grow without Me.
Hey Time, don’t pass without Me.

What is a safe distance? How much proximity is necessary in order to get close to someone, to get involved in something unknown? “My Paradoxical Knives“ explores the construction and metamorphosis of an image: the image of a turning man who becomes the center of moving knives. While he wipes out the sung words of a poem by the Persian mystic and poet Rumi with his feet, in reference to the circular movements of the Sufi dance, in his movements experiences of security come together with the experience of vulnerability and danger. With a haunting presence he reminds us that production of closeness and community is always linked with an act of separation. A dance like a deep breath. Poetic and – against the background of the censorship of expression and self-determination in Iran and elsewhere – simultaneously political.

Concept and Performance: Ali Moini. Production: Selon l`Heure Critical support: Loïc Touzé, premiered as part of the programme PEPCC of Forum Dança


Two Lectures & a Dialogue

Janez Janša: Loosing Grounds (Lecture Performance)

Referring to the question how one thinks, Lacan replied that we do so with our legs, because with legs we touch the ground. There is something strongly corporal in the relation between thought and ground when it comes to the question of structural violence. Not only that some people are left without their legs, but many people are left without their ground. Either they are forced to leave or they do that deliberately or the ground changes so much that it turns into something that has been lost. So, the question is how do we think once we lose our ground – once we are no longer in touch with a ground for a thought? How to motivate a touch with something that one cannot relate to and rely on?

hoelb/hoeb: Empathy Devices

The work by artist duo hoelb/hoeb is situated at the intersections of arts, everyday practice, visual procedures and performance. With their installations, they develop a spatial dramaturgy in which every individual can reflect on her or his personal experiences of loss: absolute and potential loss as well as the individual and collective potential and rituals to express empathy, grief and solidarity and participating in today’s society. In the framework of “Violence of Inscriptions,“ the artists will present selected works and introduce their artistic and social strategies of exchanging knowledge.
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Fri 30.06.2017, 19:00 / HAU3
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