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Detroit – Berlin: One Circle

Music • Talk • Performance • Installation • Film • Club

30.5.–2.6. / HAU1, HAU2, HAU3, Outdoor

People Mover, Photo: Zuri Maria Daiß
“Detroit-Berlin: One Circle” traces the intimate relation of two repeatedly written off and yet symbolically over-determined places: Detroit and Berlin. The imagery of a civilization in ruins that has been associated with both cities evokes an almost mythological anti-glamorous austerity. At the same time, both cities are, in the pop-cultural consciousness of the 1980s, invariably connected to the rapid development and spreading of techno music. The festival does therefore not only focus on the rich musical exchanges happening at the time. It also acknowledges the productive mistakes made in artistic and urban policy debates tackling this subject.

The reception and distribution of the kind of techno music that emerged in Detroit in the 1980s – a sound that worked against the decline of the Fordist city after the onset of the country’s de-industrialization by evoking a Utopian image of the future – also paved the way for Berlin to become a metropolis for electronic music. HAU Hebbel am Ufer honours this fact, whose historical importance continues to exert important influences today, through a cooperation with “The Potential – Subcultural Exchange For Urban Development”. Together, we initiate a club night in Berlin’s prestigious Tresor club. In this context, we also shed light on an insufficiently considered genre: female HipHop with Miz Korona & The Korona Effect, Ché & Dj Stacyé J and AWA – African Women Arise. In addition to a surprise act from Detroit, Mike Huckaby will present the Sun Ra Reel-to-Reel Sessions with Richard Zepezauer & Lakuti.
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Photo: Zuri Maria Daiß
Roundtable discussions with producers from the cultural realm and urban scientists from Berlin and Detroit will explore the question of newly emerging spaces of possibility for cultural practitioners in post-industrial cities. A comparison of both cities will on the one hand reflect on themes like gentrification, displacement, and austerity in order to formulate a critique of the agents shaping the political and private sectors. On the other hand, it will analyze common consequences of an “urban boosterism” that regards city life predominantly as an economical resource.

The interdisciplinary artist Tiff Massey has created a singular performance for the festival, which will take up the discourse on “creative cities” and discuss its paradoxical relationship. In preparation for the festival, Baly Nguyễn, the SDW e.V. group and Kotti-Shop traveled to Detroit: they will present the results of their artistic residences at HAU3 as well as in an outdoor installation.
With: Mike Banks (Underground Resistance), Lakuti (Uzuri), Mark Ernestus (Hard Wax), Adrian Tonon (City of Detroit), Yuko Asanuma, John E. Collins (Underground Resistance), Lisa Blanning, Mike Huckaby, Richard Zepezauer (n s y d e), Olad Aden (Gangway e.V.), Phillip Halver, Joshua Akers, Ingrid LaFleur, Tashy Endres, Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor Berlin), Lucas Pohl, Miz Korona & The Korona Effect (Kamau, Showtime, Rain Man, DJ Invisible),  Ché & Dj Stacyé J, AWA (African Women Arise), SDW e.V. (Frieder Blume, Elisabeth Hampe, Anta Helena Recke, Joana Tischkau), Baly Nguyễn, Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation, Julia Brunner (Kotti-Shop), Bryce Detroit, Cornelius Harris (Underground Resistance), Séverine Marguin, Kerstin Niemann, Tiff Massey, Kotti-Shop / SuperFuture and Halima Cassells, Zoe Claire Miller, Diana McCarty (Reboot.fm) a.o.
A festival by HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Supported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. "Detroit – Berlin" is part of „Claiming Common Spaces“, a project by the Alliance of international Production Houses.
01.06.2018 23:00 / WAU


30.5.-2.6., from 17:00-23:00 / HAU2 Outdoors / Admission free
Kotti Shop/SuperFuture and Halima Cassells/Free Market of Detroit


31.5.–2.6., from 17:00-23:00 / HAU2 / Admission free
Tiff Massey