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Boris Nikitin

Boris Nikitin was a student at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen from 2002-2008. While there, he realized various artistic projects, including the festival “diskurs 05” and the plays “Woyzeck” and “F wie Fälschung,” which were invited to the Impulse Festival in 2009 as 2 of 10 outstanding independent theatre productions that year. Since 2009 he has been working on projects both in the independent scene and in state theatres, including the Kaserne Basel, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Gessnerallee, Theater Freiburg, and Schauspielhaus Graz. His projects continue to tour internationally (“Imitation of Life” for three years, “Woyzeck” already over five years). “F wie Fälschung” was presented with the Dietmar N. Schmidt Award at the Impulse Festival, while “Woyzeck” took the Jury Award at the 100° Festival in Berlin. Recently he created the project “How to win friends & influence people” in collaboration with the Mormon community in Freiburg. The thematic focus “It’s the Real Thing–Basler Dokumentartage 13,” which he organized and curated, will take place from April 17-21.