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Ariel Efraim Ashbel

Ariel Efraim Ashbel (b. 1982) is a Berlin based artist from Israel, who makes performances. Originally a theater director, the work he's creating since 2000 is dealing with the development of interdisciplinary structures for stage events, located in the gap between theater, dance, music and installation. He also collaborates with fellow makers as performer, dramaturge and sometimes light designer. Between the years 2008-2010 he was associate artistic director of the "IntimaDance" Festival for contemporary dance and performance in Tel Aviv's Tmuna Theater. Since 2011 he is based in Berlin, and has contributed to various projects in HAU Hebbel am Ufer, HZT Berlin (Uferstudios), ausland, the Berlin Biennial, the Berlin Porn Film Festival, Transmediale festival and more.
Ariel is a graduate of the School of Visual Theater Jerusalem (2006) and holds a BA in History and Philosophy from the Tel Aviv University (2010). He won the Akko festival prize for alternative theater in 2003, scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation in 2003/4, 2004/5, 2005/6 and 2007/8, the Mayor of Jerusalem and the HaZira Performance Art Center prize in 2006, the 'Legacy' Foundation scholarship in 2007, and participated in Goethe Institute and International Theater Institution's (ITI) residency program for young theater directors in 2011.He also appeared as a performer in the project “Ding Ding Dom: Das Theater der Zukunft” by Showcase Beat Le Mot. In 2013 he directed “All White People Look the Same To Me: Notes on the National Pornographic”, which was premiered at HAU.