A Broadcast / Looping Pieces by Tim Etchells
Picture: Tim Etchells
A Broadcast / Looping Pieces von Tim Etchells
Picture: Hugo Glendinning
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Tim Etchells

A Broadcast / Looping Pieces

A solo, improvised text performance by Tim Etchells based on jump-cutting, looping and re-inventing material from his notebooks: a chaotic collection of writings from over the years. Ideas, word games, copy-paste clips from news reports, twisted thoughts, overheard conversations, quotes and stories are remixed at lightning speed to create an experimental scrapbook of memories. A project which arose from a collaboration in Brussels with choreographer Boris Charmatz and conversation with Lebanese sound artist Tarek Atoui, the work experiments with what happens when things are taken out of their original context.

A Broadcast/Looping Pieces is a generous session of improvisation and a unique insight into Etchells’ creative process.

Past dates
October 2014
50 min
Konzept und Performance
Tim Etchells